Speed Graffix is a full-service graphic design agency which takes pride in producing advertising and marketing materials that are both visually strong and bottom line practical.


With our marketing experience and expert graphic design skills we can help you solidify your advertising and marketing strategy, refine your corporate identity and strengthen the branding of your product line.


Moreover, with our integrated photography and web design services we can more efficiently and cost effectively execute your total advertising and marketing needs. And, if needed, we can do it in Japanese, too!


Our services include: Postcards, Mailers, Invitations, Announcements, Brochures, Catalogs, Logos, Letterhead, Business Cards, Package Design, Copy Writing, Promotional Printing and so Much More!


Whether you're around the block or around the world, we can help you. Call us today! Together we'll create visually-exciting, cost-effective marketing solutions for your business.


My name is Zach Helton and I am the founder and owner of Speed Graffix. While Speed Graffix was only opened in 2006, I have been doing graphic design jobs nearly 10 years. With the help of school courses, I was introduced to graphic design and have been doing this ever since. What started off as a hobby has quickly turned into a successful business.


In 2007 I began having vision problems making it difficult to work at the computer. I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. My business had to be laid aside while I received treatment. While I do have to continue medication I have been symptom free for over a year and a half. I have re-opened Speed Graffix and thanks to the loyalty of my previous customers, friends, and family the business is rapidly growing from word-of-mouth advertising.


We do more than just graphic designing too. We are capable of printing your finished product to your quality specifications, even if we must visit your office to better insure we understand your needs. We offer free delivery on order of $50 or more, saving you precious business time. We commit to 100% customer satisfaction.


We have started selling promotional items as well. These include: ink pens, key chains, frisbees, literally anything and everything that you could possibly imagine printed with your logo and information on it. Our prices for this and everything we do are very competitive. We will do everything we can to ensure you get the best quality product and an affordable price.


Thank you for your interest in Speed Graffix, and I promise you will not be disappointed in our services. Our general time line is about 2-3 business days for custom design and approximately 1 week for printing. This of course is flexible depending on our work load. You can purchase "Rush" services which generally consist of your finished product in your hands with in 72 hours for house printed items. Rush charge prices are varied depending on your job.