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A properly developed, creative and marketing plan can create competitive advantages and maximum earnings. We can assist you in maximizing those earnings! We know that managing your business, the emphasis is on: “owning your market”. Wining the battle of the brands requires the proper development that will give you a competitive edge. It’ no wonder that Speed Graffix is referred to by its clients as a company’s most valuable asset. We are committed to offering you the finest graphic design and creative disciplines, together with a service minded posture unparallel by anyone in the industry. Known for being one of the top innovative and creative groups in Sullivan Illinois, and in its short but impressive history it has become one of Sullivan Illinois FIRST CHOICE in Design and promotions. Our dynamic ad staff and designers are experienced enough to bring new and exciting ideas to the table on a daily basis.


A professionally designed logo helps to create an identity of a company. It should enhance a corporate's image and communicate vision. It should conjure up ideas and evoke feelings.

Whether your logo has yet to be born or is in need of a simple "facelift," our Design team of professional graphic designers and creative artists can help you to realize your e-dream with a fresh and attractive logo.


If you are looking for attractive and affordable printing then you've come to the right place. Experienced professional Graphic Designers that offer a variety of great custom postcards, mailers, menus and other printable media. We are confident that our service will meet and exceed your expectations.


Marketing materials are important tools for success. We understand the impact that well-designed marketing materials can have on your clients and on your business. We take pride in designing professional and dyanamic marketing tools for any business.


Are you looking for promotional material? Multi-purpose flyers and leaflets, professionally designed are ideal for door drops, direct mail, handouts at exhibitions and other events. Let us help you put your company into the right direction. We also offer promotion products such as: Key chains, pens, magnets, huggies, etc. Just ask, and we will print it.







We use the PANTONEĀ® color formula guide. This allows the color you picked, be the color that is printed.